ND State Meet

Info for the 2019 State Meet:

State Track and Field Meet

Red River State Shirt Clothing Order

Deadline-Saturday, May 18

This shirt order is for the Red River State Track shirts the boys and girls do every year. It will include the names of all qualifiers on the back. It is optional, but we really do want all athletes going to the state meet to get one. Each day, every RR boy and girl athlete at State wears the same shirt. This will be worn one of those days. It costs $9. If you can’t afford the shirt, talk to Coach Bakke. Make checks payable to Joe Ford if needed.  Parents/other fans are allowed to purchase one as well. The form is below. Fill it out, and return the form/money to Coach Bakke. This needs to be done by Saturday, May 18.

Red River State Track Shirt Order Form-CLICK HERE


State Meet Clothing Order 

Deadline-Practice on Monday, May 20

This is totally optional. You can buy items at the meet, but there is no guarantee they will have items in stock. If you want to guarantee you get something, you will want to pre-order. The form is below. Fill out the form. Print the form and put the form/money into an envelope and bring it to Coach Bakke. Failure to follow these directions will result in much sorrow. If your name is Jake Arason, you will have to take your chances at buying clothing directly at the meet, after you forget to bring in your envelope and miss the deadline.

State Meet Clothing Form-CLICK HERE